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Tantrik Kauri - Since ancient times the possession of Kauries is considered to bring wealth, all round prosperity and love. Due to this reason it was a part of marriage attire of the brides. These should be kept in cash box and in almiras where jewels, financial papers or jewelry is kept. This brings financial prosperity and protects the owner from a financial debacle. Those who want stable financial position should keep a Kauries under their pillow.

During the Smudra Manthan ?
The great churning of the sea ?

One of the things which came out was shanks (The holy shells). These are considered holy by the Hindus since vedic times and all religious ceremonies have a special place for them. Some Indian also worship these as these resemble shape of yoni - the female genital organ.

As per Hindu mythology, "Kauri" was obtained from "Samudra Manthan" along with "Lakshmi" and other rare divine and holy products. From a very ancient time "Kauri" was used as the currency and then was used in the ornaments and also used as the key of gambling. As per Hindu Shastras, "Kauri" is said to be the loving product of "Maha Lakshmi". It is also related to Lord Shiva because the hairs of Lord Shiva are similar to "Kauri".

Indians also use "Kauri" to decorate Nandi, the devotee of Lord Shiva. It is also said to be a great tool to save the children from devil effects.

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