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Swetark Ganpati - The Sidh Swetark Ganapati is obtained from the root of a shrub called Ark or Aak and this root takes the shape of Lord Ganesha. This lucky charm blesses the individual with blessings from Shiva and Ganesha, gives knowledge and concentration power, maintains harmony in family life, eliminates illnesses, activates positive vibrations in the house and brings wealth and prosperity.

Idol of Shwetark is lord of Ridhi-Siddhi. Those who to keep this idol of Ganesh in their homes enjoy the presence of Devi Laxmi. No enemy can harm them. It is said that. Jap of Moolamantra of Lord Ganesh before this idol ensures His darshan. This white tree of Aak is considered to be a form of lord Ganesh. So the houses having august presence of the white Aak can't have damaging effect of any enemy. Idol of lord Ganesh made of white Aak is considered to be rare. It is also said that houses with such an idol can never have any hardship or insufficiency.

One can get rid off so many types of fevers if he or she wears root of Aak extracted in Ravi-Pushya Yoga. This treatment should be done early in the morning without having a word with anyone. The root must be made sacred (Abhimantrit) by the Moolamantra of Lord Ganesh before wearing it. To cure ailment of an eye one should keep cotton soaked in milk of white aak, on the thumb of the foot opposite the oiling eye.

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