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Hatha Jori - Hatha jori is the root of a rare kind of herb found in Madhaya Pradesh(India) in Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, there are thick forests. In these jungles one can find a plant know as " BIRVAH " which has blue and white coloured flowers and which is similar to the Dhatura plant.

If one digs carefully on Sunday, the earth near the roots of this plant Will reveal two small sized branches. At that place one will find branches which look like a hand having fingers or those which look like two hands joined together in prayer. This branch is cut and separated, and is called HATHA JORI in Tantra. Hatha Jodi is small in size about 1.5" - 2.0" and equally broad.

One can see two stems joined together distinctly(gives a feel of two hands). After taking it out, it is immersed in Til oil. It is said that Hatha Jodi absorbs about one litre Til oil in a month whereas its weight remains the same. When it stops to absorb oil, it is taken out. After performing Puja, Hatha Jodi is kept in Sindoor(Vermillion). After this, it is used in Tantric sadhanas.

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