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A Vedic Vivah is a Vivah Sanskar. A marriage solemnize according to the Vedic resources is a reparation. It is not a bond which may be rescinding at willpower. In a Vedic Vivah, the marriage ceremony is for together sacred and bodily benefits.
A man and a woman decide to get nearer close up to each other and take on individual household tasks to progress personality and culture. They receive a serious promise to produce offspring and move up children who realize community effectiveness.
By incoming into a married tie up, the bride and groom release their liability to parents. The Pitra Rin stands completely paid up.
Wedding is for pleasure. A joyful man and a cheerful woman make others happy. Happiness certainly begets pleasure. So, our slogan is: -
"GET MARRIED AND STAY MARRIED". Allocate me to quotation from "VEDIC THOUGHTS". Equal opportunity between spouses in married relationships has been the trademark of the Vedic way of life. A man and his wife are Friends. Their hope to Prajapati, the huge is "MAY WE EVER BE IN LOVE" let us go through the important landmarks of a Vedic Vivah Sanskar.

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