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"Nama" exactly means "name" and "karana" means "to create, to result".
The main means of classification and common relations, the naming of a child developed into a spiritual ceremony supposed to be the origin of the child's vocation.
Namakaran ceremony takes situate after the 10-day "polluted" postnatal time. Then the house is cleaned and purified, and the child and mother ceremonially bathe. Friends and relatives are invited to see the child and contribute in the party.
The puja involves, other than the child and priest, the father, mother, and sometimes the paternal grandmother. First the mother covers the child in a new cloth. Hold a betel leaf near the ear; he should whisper four names to the child. Then Brahmins, expressly invited for the event, bless the child. Lastly, gifts are given to the relatives and Brahmins present.

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