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The hindu lives, is wrap around different resources called 16 sanskar. The sanskar is believed to be selection for achieving religious sustenance, stillness of brain and in the end moksha.
Sansar provide a spiritual feel to the important actions at special stages of a hindu life right from pre beginning to post death.
These sixteen sanskar are as follows:-
Garbhadhan, Punsavana, Simintonnayana, Jatakarma, Namakarana, Nishkramana, Annaprashana, Chudkaram(Mundan), Karnvedh, Upanayana, Vedarambha, Samavartana, Vivaha, Vanprastha, Sanyasa and Antyeshti Sanskara.

Namakarana Sanskara is performed on the tenth, eleventh or twelfth day with presentation of Mantras. The baby child gets name on achievement of this Sankara...
Mundan Sanskar is shaving the head's hair of child. Mundan is complete in first of third year of the child. The body of the child is cosseted and matched by this ritual...
Upanayana Sanskar is the most important Sanskar, which marks the beginning of the next stage of life Youth. Upanayana means bringing near. Upanayana Sanskar is performed for the period of six to nine years of child...
death is about to happen, a small piece of gold, tulsi leaf and drops of ganga water are put in the mouth of the person on the death bed. The body is laid on the earth with the head towards the north...
Vivaha Sanskar life while person family begins. Incoming this period of life, man has to take on his duty and has to pay spiritual debts by give up, by procreating children and study...
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