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Rudraksha Rosaries are considered the highly powerful and bring propserity with health and wealth for bearer. Rudraksha Beads have been used for thousands of years. We first energize and powerful Rudraksha Rosaries for you.
Rosaries comprise of a set of 27 beads, 54 beads, 108 beads (made of rudraksha, crystal, tulsi, lotus seed, red sandal wood, etc). It is used for keeping count (for pooja and japa) while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or name of a particular God. It is also worn as a mala (Rosaries). All of mala will be recommended based on mantra of a meticulous god worshipped of controlling as some aspect of life.

Here are the following Rudrakshas Rosaries which you can buy from our Rudraksha Rosaries store. :-

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Rudraksha Rosaries
Variety of siddha mala,
indra mala, tulsi, coral
and red sandal
$ 783.50
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Rudraksha Rosaries
54 beads in thread with silver flowers
6 mm, 17 inches.
$ 59.00
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Rudraksha Rosaries
Mala of beads of smooth 5 Mukhi
made in copper
9 mm, 15 inches.
$ 57.50
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Rudraksha Rosaries
success in his work,
constructive resources,
wisdom and knowledge.
$ 31.00
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Rudraksha Rosaries
Thread mala in traditional style
4 mm, 24 inches.
$ 20.00
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Rudraksha Rosaries
Simple Rudraksha 108
$ 25.00
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Rudraksha Rosaries
9 mm, 24 inches
$ 60.00
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Rudraksha Cover (Gomukhi)
Made by 100% Pure Cotten
shape of a cows mouth
$ 21.50
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