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Tibetan incense is made from a blend of different herbs, spices, plants, and minerals from century’s old recipes. The rich and spicy scent of this exclusive Tibetan stick incense remains our customer's first choice.

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Tibetan Meditation Incense
7 inch long sticks
approx. 30 sticks
45 minute burn time.
Tibetan Meditation Incense $ 18.00
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Healing Incense
(Medicinal Blends)

approx 30 sticks
Healing Incense $ 7.99
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Traditional Incense
20 sticks, 45 minutes
burning time per stick,
incense stick size: 10 inch,
box size: 30cm x 6cm
Traditional Incense $ 8.25
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Tibetan Bamboo Incense
approx. 20 sticks
Tibetan Bamboo Incense $ 8.00
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Arogya Dhoop Incense
approx. 15 sticks
Arogya Dhoop Incense $ 14.00
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Rope Incense
40 ropes - 5" long
Rope Incense $ 14.59
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Tibetan Dhoop Incense
purpose of meditation, relaxation,
purifying and offerings
Tibetan Dhoop Incense $ 13.50
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Tibetan Powdered Incense
Package contains 100 grams
of incense powder.
Tibetan Powdered Incense $ 35.50
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Tibetan Stick Burners
Tibetan-style incense
sticks Holder
Tibetan Stick Burners $ 60.00
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