Shani Puja
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Shani Puja is done to please the planet Saturn. As Saturn Puja increases its positive influence and pacifies malefic effects of the planet & neutralizes its negative effect, so it is very useful since its worship strengthens the planet Saturn. This Puja is recommended to those people who’s having malefic Saturn or wrongly placed Saturn as per horoscope. Shani’s Sadhe Sati i.e. 7.5 years of disturbance in life and this can be avoided by wearing Ratna’s or by specific Shani Pujan and Homam.

Shani Puja

Off Line Puja
We perform puja at our mandir on your behalf. We will perform all ritual as per details provided by you and mail you photographs and prasad and vidhi for you to follow.
This is completly offline puja service which may include katha, japa or yagya or hawan.
You can order online and we will guide you thru the process
$ 100
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On Line Puja
In Online puja we setup a netmeeting or web cam conferencing where one of our pandit ji will provide you all instructions, mantra uccharan and perform instructions so that you can have life online puja at home.
$ 150
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