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The stories of the Buddha and the Bodhisattas at one stage were extremely popular in Indonesia as well as is exemplified in the first 135 sculptures of Balushade (top series) in the first gallery of Borobudur temple in Java are based on the stories of the Jatakas.

Besides, the countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka still have a living tradition of narrating the stories of the Buddha by way of mural and other paintings in the monasteries. But it is unfortunate to recall the destruction of myriad paintings or pictorial stories in the sculpted niches in Afghanistan, particularly in Bamiyan.

Some of these paintings and like remnants are now being preserved in Switzerland in a proposed museum. But such losses are irretrievable in the history of human civilisations.

The Number of the Jataka Stories
To determine the actual number of the Jatakas is, however, a matter of controversy. According to the Niddesa, a book of the Khuddakanikaya (generally, ascribed to Sariputta and Mahakacchana) the total number of the Jatakas is 500.

The Fausboll's edition contains 547 Jatakas; or the Jataka tales.

The Story of Ruru Deer The Story of Two Swans The Hare on the Moon
Story of Chaddanta Elephant The Story of Great Monkey The Story of the Two Deer
The Story of a Buffalo Story of Silava Elephant The Wise Monkey
Story of the Golden Swan The Story of the Great Ape Story of Mighty Fish
Story of the Monkey King Story of Lion and Jackal Story of Somdatta
The Story of the Crows The Monkey Brothers The Story of Nigrodha Deer
The Story of Kalbahu The Story of Nandivisala Coronation of Owl
The Feast of the Dead The Heart of the Monkey The Story of a Rooster
The Story of a Tigeress The Pigeon and the Crow The Story of Romaka Pigeon
The Story of Khardiya Deer The Thankless Monkey Can A Fool Ever Act Good!
The Story of a Tortoise Jackal - The Arbitrator The Story of a Snake Charmer
The Leather Garment The Giant Crab Mahilaimukha Elephant
The Story of Vinilaka The Sacrifice of Vessantara The Wisdom of Vidhura Pandita
The Story of Chullabodhi The Story of Kushinagar The Virtue of Forbearance
The Story of Matanga The Temptation of Isisanga Flight of Sakka
Mahajanaka's Renunciation The Wine-Jar The Sacrifice of Sivi
The Box of the Monster The Lotus Stalk Kandari - The Handsome Prince
Ghat - The Virtuous King Supparaka - Ancient Mariner Sankhapala: The Naga King
The Story of Champeyya The Baveru Island The Great Gambler
The Story of the Dumb Prince The Naive House-Holder The Jewelled Serpent
The Mango - Thief The Foot-Print Reader The Story of Sutasoma
The Story of Sudasa The Little Bowman The Envoy of Belly
Story of a Drummer The King - Language of Animals The Happy Man
Sama - The Good Son

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