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The Shri Rudram Chamkam is a Vedic stotra dedicated to Rudra, an earlier aspect of Shiva Chamkam assures granting of what we ask. The creator makes no distinction between the things of the world and the other world. Both belong to him and desire born out of Virtue is really manifestation of divinity and Dharma.

Chamkam furnishes completely the ideal of human happiness and defines in the highest degree the desires and do not delimit to be asked or to be granted. Sri Rudram-Chamkam occupies a very important place in Vedic literature and in the practice of Vedic Religion. It is the heart of Krishna Yajurveda and is treasured in the center of Taittiriya Samhita Strictly speaking, the Rudra is a Homa or sacrifice performed in fire in honour of God Rudra.

While most of the rituals relating to the other Gods stop limited to the particular purpose intended in the Karma Kanda, it was felt that the Rudram could not and should not be so confined, but put to further varied uses. Hence we find that Rudram and Chamkam are used invariably for all the Vedic worship of Shiva in all the households and temples. The Rudram is addressed to worship Lord Shiva, who is said to give to the devotee who seeks His Grace anything that is asked for.

Srusti Sthilaya Yasya lila Eva mahesituh
Tam Vande Saccidanandam Sarva shubhanivruttaye

Oh! Lord, the creator, protector and destroyer of the universe, the very form of truth, consciousness, and bliss I bow to you. Let all the inauspicious things be driven away from me and your devotee be protected.

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