Characteristics :

Destroyer, Kind Hearted

Other Names :

Shambhu Nath, Bhole Shankar, Shiv Shankar

Principal Scriptures:

Shiva Mahapurana

Consort :


Sons :

Ganesha, Kartikay

Abode :

Mount Kailash

Vahana (Vehicle) :

Nandi (The Bull Representing Strength and Happiness)

Mula Mantra :

Om Namah Shivaye

Shiva Gayatri Mantra:

Aum Panchvakraye Vidmahe
Mahadevaye Dheemahi 
Tanno Rudra Prachodayat


Lord Shiva or Siva is considered as the destroyer of the world and one of the most popular gods of the Hindu religion. Lord Siva forms the part of the Trimurti (Trinity), the other being Brahma, the creator and Vishnu, the preserver. Shiva is known for the complexity of his nature, representing contradictory qualities. He is the destroyer and the restorer, the great ascetic and the symbol of sensuality, the kind herdsman of souls and a wrathful avenger.

Lord Shiva represents the vital goodness in the form of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram i.e.; Truth, Goodness and Beauty .Lord Shiva performs an immortal role of dissolution and recreation of the universe, that's why; he is mostly associated with the words, like destroyer and destruction.

Lord Shiva dissolves the universe. This is known as '' pralay '' and it is done in order to create another cycle so, that the unliberated souls will get another opportunity to liberate them from the bondage of the material world. To put succinctly, Siva protects the souls from pain and suffering that is generated by the unhealthy universe.


Shiva - The Giver

Lord Shiva is known as the ''giver god'', lord of mercy and kindness. He always protects his devotees from evil forces like lust, greed and anger. He is the most kind -hearted God who grants boons and bestows grace to his devotees.
The Snake around his neck symbolizes the yogic power, which he uses to dissolve and recreate the universe.
The Rudraksha necklace worn by the lord shows that he uses his celestial powers without compromise, to maintain law and order.
The trishula (trident) symbolizes the Lord's three fundamental powers of will (iccha), action (kriya) and knowledge (gyana).
The damaru (drum) and its two sides separated from each other symbolize the two entirely dissimilar states of existence, invisible and evident.
The bull, Nandi is linked with Shiva and it is considered as his vehicle. The bull symbolizes both power and ignorance. Tiger's skin makes Lord Shiva's clothing and his seat, which illustrates the idea that he is the source of potential energy during the dissolution of the universe.

Shiva Legends

Shiva is considered as the destroyer of the universe, in Hinduism. Shiva is a complex god, in terms of nature and represents contradictory qualities, being the destroyer and the restorer simultaneously. There are numerous legends surrounding Lord Shiva and his powers. Here're a few popular stories of Lord Shiva.
Names of Shiva
Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer of the Universe as per the Hindu Mythology. Shiva is one of the most popular gods of the Hindus. Lord Shiva is a complex god like goddess Kali, being destroyer and restorer at the same time. Shiva is also known as Bhole Shankar, the innocent god, who gets appeased easily.


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Shiva Kartikay Surya Agni dev
Kurma Vishnu Yama dev Nandi Ox

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