Indra is the chief god of Rig Veda. Indra is the leader of Devas. Lord Indra is the god of war, storms and thunder; he is strongest of all beings and greatest of all warriors. Lord Indra has been the protector of Gods and mankind against the evil forces. Possessing the celestial weapon Vajra, the lightning bolt, Lord Indra is known as the God of thunder. He also has a bow, a hook and a net in the battle. Lord Indra is also considered as the creator, since he is the one who brought water to earth, he is known as the fertility god as well. Lord Indra is also believed to have the power to revive slain warriors who had fallen in battle. He enjoys drinking soma. Lord Indra is very handsome; he is the eldest son of Kasyapa and Aditi. His vahana-vehicle is a white colored elephant called Eravat.


List of All Hindu Gods
Ganesha Balrama Varuna deva Shani dev
Ram Hanuman Indra Buddha
Shiva Kartikay Surya Agni dev
Kurma Vishnu Yama dev Nandi Ox

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