White Sapphire Gemstone
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White Sapphire Gemstone

White Sapphire (Saffed Pukhraj) This gem of Venus ,it gives one glamour and radiance which makes one stand apart from the crowd. It improves sex appeal , improves the innovative powers and megha shakti , worn by people who want to stand apart and be remebered like actors, models ,players etc. People in public relations can also benefit a lot from it.

White Sapphire is a gemstone that brings a sparkle to a limp life style. It gives radiance and heightens the potential of the person. It enhances the wealth factor and gives keenness in all creative endeavors.

A white sapphire is a colorless form of sapphire used in a wide range of jewelry as a diamond substitute. Sapphires tend to be much less expensive than diamonds, and socially conscious purchasers who are concerned about conflict diamonds can avoid political issues by purchasing sapphires instead. Most white sapphires are heat treated to obtain the desired clear color, as it is very rare to find naturally occurring white sapphires. Some may also be chemically treated, depending on the quality of the stone and its intended use.

Sapphires are a type of aluminum oxide which forms in a crystalline pattern. There are numerous uses for sapphires, ranging from industrial lasers to fine jewelry, and the stones also come in a wide range of colors, despite the traditional association with the color blue. Sapphires also come in purple, yellow, and brown, and they may have unusual properties which cause them to reflect light in a star pattern or change color under certain lighting conditions.


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