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Like other lists of its kind, this list of "precious" or "major" gemstones is arrived at arbitrarily, based partially on historical precedent, and partially on market value. The use of the terms "cardinal gems," or "precious gemstones" dates back to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, and the descriptiveness of these terms was not limited to the scarcity or monetary value of a particular gem, but also factored in their historical, ceremonial, and religious significance.

In ancient India, ratnas (gems, jewels) were divided into two distinct categories: mahäratna (major gems) and uparatna (minor gems). There were nine maharatnas, also known as navaratna ("divine gems"), which were tied to the nine planets or Vedic astrological signs: diamond (Venus), ruby (the Sun), emerald (Mercury), topaz or yellow sapphire (Jupiter), hessonite garnet (Rahu), blue sapphire (Saturn), pearl (Moon), red coral (Mars), cat's-eye chrysoberyl (Ketú, or the "Shadow Planet").

We are offering Precious Gemstone for you. Precious Gemstone are considered the highly powerful and bring prosperity with health and wealth for bearer.

Precious gemstone have been used for thousands of years. We first energized and powerful Precious gemstone for you.

Here are the different type of Precious Gemstone which you can buy from our Precious Gemstone store. :-

Precious Gemstone Name Image Price Buy Now Send Enquiry
3.5 Ratti
$ 3,499.00
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Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj)
3.11 Ratti
$ 1270.50
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White Sapphire(Pukhraj)
3.70 Ratti
$ 699.25
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Red Coral(Munga)
10.50 Ratti
$ 219.00
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Blue Sapphire(Neelam)
1.5 Ratti
$ 636.50
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5/6 Ratti
$ 247.50
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5/6 Ratti
$ 275.25
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Diamond (Heera) $ 699.00
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3.85 Ratti
$ 703.75
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Cats Eye(Lahasunia)
5/6 Ratti
$ 185.75
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