In this automatic world, the life is full of pressure, nervous and these often upset us. Where as every body requirement peace, wealth, success and prosperity in life? There are various options such as Allopathic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, and Naturopathy etc. Wearing the gemstone is one of the Ancient & Natural science followed in India million years ago but lost in changeover, does now gearing up with enhanced appreciative. Wearing the gemstone is harmless with no side effect, and may resolve many forthcoming issues for the control of problems aroused.
Wearing the gemstone works on the concept of colors energy can be called as color therapy. The modern science has observed the significant influence of colors on the human body. It has no doubt that the colors show a great influence on the system of human body. Currently a White Light / Sun Light are composed of seven colors. The seven colors Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo and Orange of special waves have special power on the system of body.

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The meaning of color energy touching the human system is :

Red color : Red color energy improves courage, self confidence, blood circulation and vitality and reduces anemia. It provides vitamin B12.

Yellow color : Yellow color energy stands for wisdom, ambition, science, and confidence and helps to improve nervousness, skin problems, digestion system and tiredness. It stimulates the brain, liver, spleen, kidney, memory and gives vitamin A.

Green color : Green color energy is referred to encourage swiftness and freshness, as it is a nature color that provides happiness, peace and reduces restlessness.

Blue color : Blue color energy represents the spiritual aspects of the life and that is an endless process. It has greatest healing power that controls the activity of brain. It gives resistance to body against poison, evil effect, germs and reduces pain etc. It helps the person for higher studies and research work.

Orange color : Orange color energy is a mixture of red and yellow that denotes the color of Saint. Physically orange is the best stimulant, helping us in times of depression, loneliness, and boredom. Violet color energy denotes attraction, swiftness, encouragement and affection. It provides Vitamin D.

Indigo color : Indigo color energy stands for unity, honesty and gentleness. It: Calms nerves and lymphatic systems, Soothing effect on the eyes, ears and the nervous system. Improves stomach disorders, migraine, and cataract. It provides vitamin K & Controls pituitary glands.

White color : White color energy is a mixture of all colors. It denotes peace, simplicity, soft nature and friendship. A person suffering from mental disturbances, torture, high blood pressure, loose temper needs the atom of white color. It also helps for wealth.

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