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Blue Sapphire Earrings
Flower Cluster Earrings with Diamonds
$ 2,490.00
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Yellow Sapphire Earrings
14k Gold 1/10ctw Diamond Citrine and Yellow Sapphire
$ 651.00
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Emerald Earrings
Solitaire oval Gold Emerald
$ 711.00
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Red Coral Earrings
Silver Beaded Red Coral Earring
$ 141.00
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Ruby Earrings
elegant pear drop earring
$ 181.00
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Diamond Earrings
Heart Design Filigree Diamond Earring
$ 1259.00
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Hessonite Earrings
Wearing hessonite bring wealth, success
$ 675.00
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White Sapphire Earrings
These fabulous white sapphire earring
$ 425.00
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Cat's Eye Earrings
Large Gold Grey Oval Earring 1.75" long
$ 301.00
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Pearl Earrings
Silver Charm Earring
$ 69.95
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