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We will provide Energized Pendants for you. Energized Pendants are considered the highly powerful and bring prosperity with health and wealth for bearer.
Energized Pendants have been used for thousands of years. We first energize and powerful Energized Pendants for you.
Here are the different types of Energized Pendants which you can buy from our Energized jewelry store. :-

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Durga Pendant $ 10.25
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Ganesh Pendant $ 12.75
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Hanuman Pendant $ 17.25
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Shiva Pendant $ 14.75
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Tirupati Balaji Pendant $ 13.50
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Surya Pendant $ 13.50
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Om Naam Pendant $ 13.50
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Om Silver Pendant $ 14.75
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Om Crystal Pendant $ 12.00
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Navgraha Pendant $ 31.75
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